Is Impact a Boxing Gym?


Someone asked us the other day if Impact MMA Fitness was really an Austin boxing gym in disguise. It got me to thinking…..Austin Boxing Gyms

…..about how before I started Impact MMA Fitness, before teaching 5,000 students at Premier Martial Arts, I was a professional (as in very poor and hungry) kickboxer training at the best of the Austin gyms for boxing called 6th St. Gym. It was on the corner of 6th and San Jacinto, smack in the middle of the wildest party street in Texas.

Boxing Gyms Austin TexasIt was upstairs above a Pawn Shop and was the home of some pretty good professional fighters. One of these guys was really good, Richard Lord, the marquee of the best of the boxing gyms in Austin, TX. Richard ruled the roost there. I learned a lot from him, because he had a lot to teach.

Austin Boxing Gym

House of pain…

He was a very skilled fighter, and grew up in the sport as his father managed top fighters including World Welterweight Boxing Champion Curtis Cokes. Richard is now the proprietor/owner/head trainer of Lord’s Boxing Gym on North Lamar. If you want to see what a REAL boxing gym looks and feels like – take a trip there. It’s a tough place.

Best Austin GymRichard’s daily training routine begins with running around town lake with a mouthful of water -so you could only breathe through your nose. Different – try it sometime. A few hours after killing yourself through this self-induced punishment, we’d be at the gym tying our boxing gloves on (someone probably made a fortune with the Velcro idea – Velcro is for sissies!) and then I’d climb in the boxing ring with Richard. That’s when the real fun began.

Call it what you want, but sparring/fighting/boxing all out is the closest you can get to “Reality.” It’s the test that tells you volumes about yourself.

A few of my kickboxing in Austin, TX friends had the guts to show up and undergo whatever Richard prescribed. He was a big help Austin Kick Boxing Gymto us – he improved our boxing skills, conditioning, and taught us ring Savvy.

One day after a particularly hard pounding at/by the fists of Richard, he made a comment to me:

“Of 100 “tough guys” that have the guts to climb into the boxing ring, 80% will do it once and never come back again, 15% will do it twice more before they quit. 3% will come back, but will have abandoned any idea they had of being a fighter. Of the remaining 2, both will be fighters. One should be a fighter. And the other guy? Well, maybe he shouldn’t.”

Richard has spent his lifetime in Boxing. First growing up around boxing and even meeting many of the sport’s legends as a kid, and then as a fighter in the “Sweet Science.” You could say, Richard Lord knows what he’s talking about.

From that day forward, I spent my fight career remembering those words that Richard said. I often wondered if he was trying to tell me something. It turned out to be a source of strength to me.

I spent the rest of my fighting career doing everything I could to not be that “other guy.”

So back to the question, “are we a Boxing Gym in Austin, Texas?” Nope – Go to Lord’s Gym (512) 451-8424 – it comes highly recommended!

But what we do at Impact has a lot of parallels. We workout in intervals/rounds, the atmosphere of our classes are no nonsense when class is on. And we train in many of the boxing drills, routines, and techniques of a fighter.

And REAL boxing? You get hit hard. It hurts, a lot.

At Impact – you train hard, you sweat, you push yourself, then you feel great. You can do the same in boxing – just don’t spar Richard.

-Steve Doss