The first gym (on the Planet) to hold PRIMAL7 Classes!

We knew it was something special, and our members agreed.


Pistol Squat – how and where else can you tighten your glutes, thighs, and core like this?!

The PRIMAL7 classes are now full! We’re adding more PRIMAL7 units as fast as we can, and finding more class times to keep up with all the people that want to go.

You may have tried TRX or other bodyweight suspension equipment – PRIMAL7 isn’t that. Sure, PRIMAL7 can do all the exercise drills they offer you, but that’s where they end, and the beauty of PRIMAL7 just begins.

As you know, Impact MMA Fitness offers you 30+ classes of our popular and unique brand of Muay Thai Fitness Kickboxing every week.  Thank you for all the great feedback and testimonies you give us!

We have a big surprise for you….we now have another workout that you’re going to fall in love with….

PRIMALx7 classes in Austin

“One PRIMALx7 class and I was hooked!” – Rhanda Pierce

It is called PRIMAL IMPACT. It’s the most amazing and effective functional strength training workout you have ever experienced. REALLY!

Then what is it?

PRIMAL 7 is an ingenious and unique workout system where you begin your workout at a point of success, and not failure. What this means is you will be able to successfully perform each of the 7 Primal body weight moves, with just the right amount of assistance needed.

In a very natural and balanced way, as you improve, you’ll be able to increase your strength and build your muscular and cardio endurance.

And it happens fast with the Primal x 7.  There’s nothing else like this anywhere.

The good news? We’re among the first to get it! So let’s get you ready for your first PRIMAL IMPACT workout….

You begin with the 7 Primal moves:

  1. Pull
  2. Push
  3. Bend
  4. Twist
  5. Squat
  6. Lunge
  7. Gait

These 7 foundation moves build your core strength and functional fitness. Once mastered, there are virtually limitless variations and advanced specialty movements that will keep you challenged and always improving.

And don’t worry, PRIMAL 7 is for all fitness levels, from beginning and out of shape, to top tier UFC athletes.

For the next few weeks, were going to send you pictures and short videos of these 7 assisted body weight exercises. You’ll see how you can build your strength, endurance, flexibility, and confidence – and in record time!

Let me ask you, “When was the last time you did a dozen pull ups?”  Never, you say?

You can and will; we’ll show you how tomorrow!