The First Skill to Make You a Muay Thai Warrior!

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So you want to learn the good stuff –         Muay Thai?

Have you ever imagined yourself being a fighter, the Warrior that everyone cheers for as you watch them make their way to the ring?

Well, if you’ve ever entertained the idea of kickboxing, as in fighting Muay Thai, or being an MMA fighter, here are The 7 Muay Thai essentials that you definitely have to possess.

Muay Thai Warrior

Don’t get hit!                                                   Read Step #1 – Proper stance

Step 1 – Footwork

We’ll begin with the first step, being in position to strike and not get hit.  It’s called footwork. First off, you’re going to get hit, and a lot, in this sport.  If you think you’re pretty tough and don’t mind getting taking a few, turn and walk away.  Your fight career isn’t going to last long.

Even the toughest of fighters have a limited amount of punishment they can take. Half of this first step is about minimizing that punishment.

Unlike the majority of martial arts, Thai Boxing has only one stance. All of the techniques of Muay Thai Kickboxing are performed from it.  This fighting stance has your feet about shoulder width apart with a length of around the length of your foot times two. Your body weight is equal between both feet.  Keep your body upright and slightly sideways while your hands are held high covering your head.  Elbows are held tightly to the body as much as possible and your head is bent forward slightly to keep your chin from being exposed.

This stance ensures maximum protection of your head and body.  While fighting it’s necessary to move constantly as it is much more difficult to hit a moving target than a stationary one.  Moving on the balls of your feet allows you to dodge and attack at any moment.

The person who controls the fight is generally the one that controls the distance between them and their opponent.  Starting with the right stance is the beginning of how that’s done.  Crossing your feet makes you unstable and prevents you room being in position to strike. The fancy dancer gets nailed sooner or later!

If you’re right handed, you set up with your left foot forward. Right handed? We don’t like you! At least as a normal right handed fighter we don’t. You make it more difficult for most of us when you have your right foot forward.

Now keep those hands up! Your hands should remain high.  Many a fight was lost as a fighter drops their hands as they tire.

Come back for Step 2 – it gets way better!