How to use Hand Wraps

How to use Hand Wraps

We are going to teach you to hit hard!

Even if you’re here solely for the fitness benefits, it’s nice to pick up another skill set along the way.

Muay Thai Boxing builds your body with efficient movements of striking, many with your fists. And when you begin hitting hard, which we will teach you to do, something has to give. It’s better it be the bag or pads, and not your fists.

So if you’re new and haven’t learned to wrap your hands properly yet, here’s a quick “How to” video for you.

And if you wrap them correctly, your Hand Wraps will protect your hands and wrists from the stress and impact of hitting hard, with your soon to be Knockout Punches!

By the way, if you want to test the effectiveness of your new “Weapons, and want to see how good you really can be, here’s a new challenge for you: Impact’s Intensive Muay Thai classes!