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Could this be the most innovative new business of 2012!


MMA Franchise

Want a business you can have a passion for? Call and find out more about this opportunity.

IMPACT is designed to offer to not just the fitness oriented, and to those  wanting a fun way that will get them in shape, they’ll enjoy going to , not put on the spot,


The world’s fastest growing new sport is also the emerging new future of fitness.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become the new mainstream sport in our culture. The sport reuires a new level and way of attaining fitness for it’s athletes, considered the best all-around fit athletes. Many of the same methods and skills will get you in shape – faster, more effecient,quick – exciting – efecient – fun.


We are now expanding outside Austin, TX to other cities Nationwide. IMPACT‘s unique and exclusive MMA Franchise is an excellent opportunity to own your own fitness business – that is on the cutting edge of what people want.

Did you know . . .

  • MMA Fitness is fast growing in consumer demand as word spreads about this very effective fitness regiment
  • Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in America and the world – these athletes are the promoted examples and publicity of how we workout 
  • Fitness is a growing industry – even in down economic times

You can own this unique, timely, and exclusive franchise business.

IMPACT will provide you with:

  • Our hugely successful business model
  • Impact’s complete MMA Fitness Gym –  Training Structure System, all the best Training Equipment required to set up your business -Ultimate Strikers, TRX, the best training equipment and bags, flooring, wall decor, etc. – all included in your initial Franchise fee
  • IMPACT’s “Muay Thai Fitness Kickboxing” Class Training Formats and Curriculum
  • Class Planning System, Impact Curriculum and Instructor Training Systems
  • Facility Location and Build Out Assistance
  • The complete IMPACT Business Systems and Operations Training
  • IMPACT Marketing Systems, Materials, and Support
  • IMPACT’s BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE – six days of intensive training in all our business systems and workouts
  • The continued support you will need to launch, run and operate your Fitness Franchise business

Impact MMA Fitness is a “Timely & For Real” - Business Franchise Opportunity:

  • Growing numbers of people are looking for something different – a better way to workout (than the impersonal big box gyms/bootcamps with often boring /stale/copycat workouts)
  • A friendly, exciting, and encouraging atmosphere
  • Workouts that are more effective – and you see results!
  • A workout that sharpens your focus, builds your confidence, and is a great outlet for stress
  • We offer an exciting and fun place to workout and make friends

An Impact MMA Fitness Franchise is a low cost business in the growing fitness industry.  We are now making available unique franchise opportunities for starting your own business.

We’re excited to share our success with others. If you desire the rewards and independence of being self-employed, and feel you’d be a good franchise candidate, call us (512) 444-8699 for  more information and how to take the next step.

3601 W. William Cannon #250
Austin, Texas 78749
(512) 444-8699