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Impact Strong’s Workout-Austin F.A.Q.’s

Workout in Austin at Impact MMA

Self-paced and challenging


Q. Is there any contact at Impact MMA Fitness?

A. The only contact at Impact MMA Fitness-Austin will be you hitting targets. Never will you be the target, or be asked to hold shields for others. We offer a fitness workout program that’s designed for individuals to workout at their own pace. The exercises are safe and designed for both women and men, and beginning at most fitness levels.

Q. Is this a martial arts school?

A.  NO. We are a unique gym and workout Austin is just finding out about. The Impact MMA Franchise is based on many of the methods and skills used by MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing athletes. We adopted and modified some of the training techniques used by these athletes and created a highly effective fitness program. We want to get you into the best shape possible short of climbing into a kickboxing or MMA Cage. We are a South Austin gym that offers one of the best workouts, at one of the nicest gyms in Austin.  You will find it be both challenging and fun here.

Q. I haven’t worked out in forever…is Impact MMA Fitness for me?

A.  Yes. Unlike an aerobic class or other group fitness workouts where an instructor is leading a group of people through various exercises at a certain speed, working out at Impact MMA Franchise allows everyone to go at their own pace. What can you expect? An Impact-Austin workout is broken into interval rounds that are made up of timed segments using different stations. An individual can compete with themselves – raising their level of intensity (ex: Seeing how many repetitions of an exercise or drill you can do within a timed segment). A trainer is close by to assist, encourage and inspire you.

Q.  How long are the classes?

A.  Impact MMA Fitness was designed to get maximum results in a short amount of time. Our group class is just 30 minutes long and consists of a warm-up, 6 Training Stations,  with a “Surprise” at the end. This format is one of the most effective ways of raising your metabolism and burning body fat, toning your muscles, and building a strong and healthy heart. This 30 minute workout also allows you to get a great workout in, without taking up a big chunk of your time.

Q. Can I work out on my own?

A. You can always add workout time after class. At our South Austin Kickboxing gym, there is always open gym time for you.

Q: I’m really out of shape! Will I be able to keep up in classes?

A: The pace of your workout is controlled by you in class, so it’s possible for anyone at any fitness level to participate. Coaches at

Impact’s South Austin Gym are there to ensure that you exercise safely while working toward your fitness goals.

Costs as much as a daily cup of coffee

Costs less than a daily cup of coffee

Q. How much do classes cost?  Monthly tuition costs less than a daily cup of coffee!

Q: Will I be able to keep up with the class? I’m not very coordinated.

A: Many people feel uncoordinated when they first start any kind of training. DON’T LET THAT HOLD YOU BACK! At no time will you be singled out, or ever made to feel uncomfortable. You’ll actually learn and pick up any knowledge you need during your training, and have your questions answered. Also, a Trainer is close by when you need them. Everyone has their own pace for learning new things, you’ll feel comfortable training at your own pace – that’s why Impact MMA Fitness is called by many as the best Austin gym.

Q. How much does it cost? Memberships generally less than the cost of a daily cup of designer coffee!

Q: Am I too old to start MMA training?

A: Age is only a factor if you let it be. The only serious restrictions are medical conditions or pre-existing injuries.  Adults of all ages can benefit from working out at Impact’s South Austin Gym. Since you are the expert of your own body, listen to it and start slowly.  You will build up your strength, have more energy, and begin feeling healthier. You may also experience sharper mental focus and a new found confidence. Training like a fighter does that for you.

These may seem like big claims – come and see for yourself – call Impact MMA Fitness in Austin at 512-444-8699 and try a complimentary free class.

We have members from throughout the Austin Texas area including South Austin, Circle C, Dripping Springs, Westlake Hills, Buda, and Oak Hill.

3601 W. William Cannon #250
Austin, Texas 78749
(512) 444-8699

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