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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks, will accomplish nothing in life.” -Muhammad Ali

Impact Boxing Gym in Austin

40 years ago today 11/19/1971 – “THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY” Frazier/Ali fight #1 in Madison Square Garden

These are some wise words. Unfortunately, trying something new that will better yourself is often put off by many. Some people are afraid of trying anything new, others have the habit of not getting around to doing the things they should, when they should.

Example: Fitness – we all know it benefits you in many ways. It’s good for us. So are you exercising regularly? Do you belong to an Austin gym?

But people quit going to gyms in Austin for a myriad of reasons. “I don’t have the time,”Boxing gym Austin TX - Impact “It’s boring there,” or how about this one, “I’ll go next week.” Next week gets put off until next month, next year…..

Maybe you might just need a little extra push, some motivation as you will. How about a workout that gets you real results, and is actually fun. And unless you want to be a muscle head, anyone would love to walk around with the results this workout gives you. It is also a definite confidence builder, and did I say it’s a major stress reliever too? So what is this magic exercise?

Boxing Classes at ImpactBoxing!

Now hold on, you say, “Can boxing really do all that? Am I going to get hit? I don’t know if it sounds like very much fun.” Or how about “I’ve already taken a boxing class and it was just OK.”

The thing is, you haven’t taken an Impact Boxing Class in our boxing gym in Austin, Texas.Boxing girl in Austin

If you’re a housewife, a student, work 50 hours a day – it doesn’t matter, this Austin, TX workout is really different, and in many good ways.  The fitness benefits of boxing are almost too numerous to list, and are far better that what most people think.

At Impact, the exercise benefits of boxing are practiced, as are the skills. You’ll enjoy the upbeat atmosphere and training at the newest of the boxing gyms in South Austin, Texas.

And that sparring part? It’s optional. You won’t suffer any of those painful punches, but you will learn to give them!

Your first step into our new boxing program may be a little daunting though. We understand. Entering your first Boxing Class, don’t think you walked into just any of the boxing gyms in Austin. Call us at (512) 444-8699 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. You may even want to try out a class.

Impact isn’t the hardcore boxing gym for professional fighters, at least until you are ready to lace ’em up (just kidding!). If you’re a professional boxer, then I recommend you go to Lord’s Boxing. They’ll welcome you with a smile – they’re always looking for some new “fresh meat!”

Lord Boxing in Austin TX

The Boxing Maestro – Richard Lord

The owner and Head Trainer there is Richard Lord. He and I first met in 1981 at the 6th Street Boxing Gym in downtown Austin. I was an aspiring professional fighter back then. I actually moved to Austin from Dallas after meeting and working out with Richard. I wanted to live and go to college in Austin, but I had to have a good place to train to be able to move here. I checked out all the boxing gyms in Austin, Texas and figured out quickly that he was a really good one!

Now that I had some good boxers and a good gym to train at, Austin here I came. Richard and I got to know each other very well as we trained and boxed together daily for a couple years. We even fought once on the same professional Fight Card in Austin, TX as the Double Main Event (We both won!).

Richard fought as a Lightweight – 135 lbs.. He was very good. I fought as a Welterweight and Super Welterweight – 147 and 155 lbs.. I should have been able to handle him because of the size difference, but it wasn’t usually that way! He taught me pretty much everything I know about boxing.

He taught me well, and that’s the start for you, as well as for our new amateur boxing team.

So whether you are taking our boxing classes, or you have the courage, youth, desire and fortitude to be a fighter, you will feel in boxing heaven at Impact. We have a growing list of new boxing sign-ups.

Some of you will soon be aching for your first amateur bout.


Come join the best boxing gym Austin has for you!


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