Kickboxing & Fitness w/the Clothes – Make the Girl

Kickboxing and Fitness and Clothes make the girl

train hard. eat clean. live loud. That’s the motto of a website I oversaw my friend reading. I decided to check it out myself, and………it’s really good! You train hard in your Kickboxing and Fitness classes. You’re serious about your body.  I think a lot Members at IMPACT will like this website also: Kickboxing and Fitness […]

Austin Kick Boxing Tip with Josh

Austin Kick Boxing Gym

How do you show a Kick boxing Tip from a guy with a broken foot? You go into the archives, and here’s what we found – Josh shadow boxing at 100 mph!  Your gas tank will last about 90 seconds at this speed (if you’re in great shape), so watch close – this Man/Austin Kick […]

Kickboxing and Strength Classes

Kickboxing and Stength Classes

“Your Kickboxing and Strength classes have changed my body like nothing ever has before! I like that I can choose whichever class and time I want, and they’re just 30 minutes long. I’m in and out fast with a great workout!” – Janelle Peters ImpactStrong offers you one of a kind 30 minute classes based […]