The Secret of losing that last 8 lbs. of Body Fat

and here is exactly what you need to lose it…..The Dream Team.

Their names are Joshua, Roberto, Brandi, Jeff, Rodney, and Greg.

They are a select group of some of the best Fitness Trainers in Austin. They will kick you butt

It also requires:

  1. The right workout that will cut those last lbs. from your body. The science is all in. There are no secrets, It is the #1 Fitness Trend of 2014. It’s called H.I.I.T. - High Intensity Interval Training. Most every gym is just learning about it. We’ve been doing it for 3 years now. We have it mastered.
  2. Sensible food intake, new habits that are easy to follow-through with.
  3. Consistency - we help you there. You will look forward to classes with Trainers that inspire and motivate you, and an atmosphere where you look forward to showing up.



Austin Kick Boxing Tip with Josh

How do you show a Kick boxing Tip from a guy with a broken foot?

You go into the archives, and here’s what we found – Josh shadow boxing at 100 mph! 

Your gas tank will last about 90 seconds at this speed (if you’re in great shape), so watch close – this Man/Austin Kick Boxing Trainer/Romance Novel Model (Really!) is not only good – he has some major endurance.

And he’s fast. (This video cut out 60 seconds)

Also, what’s that he’s doing 30 seconds into it? Wing Chun – think Bruce Lee. The IMPACT Austin Kick Boxing Trainers are for Real!

If you haven’t been to one of Josh’s classes yet – don’t miss your chance. Call for class times 512-444-8699.

Impact Kickboxing in Austin – Side Kick w/ Brandi -

The Step-behind Side Kick is one of the most powerful kicks in Kickboxing and the Martial Arts.

Say you’re training at Impact Kickboxing in Austin, and you want to knock down a door to get inside? This is your kick of choice, even if you’re new and just learning this kick in your kickboxing classes at IMPACT MMA Fitness. It will serve you well if you take a little effort in learning it.

That’s because it’s more than a devastating kick. If you’re wanting to tone your legs and tighten your gluteus maximus – this is one of the best exercises to fix that.

Follow along with IMPACT STRONG – MMA Fitness Trainer Brandi as she demonstrates and explains this explosive kick.

If you haven’t met and trained with Brandi, or you haven’t worked out at IMPACT MMA Fitness yet, call 512-444-8699 and we’ll schedule a first class time for you.

Boxing and Kickboxing Gym in South Austin | Impact MMA Fitness

Boxing and Kickboxing Gym South AustinImpact MMA Fitness is a boxing and kickboxing gym in South Austin, TX. We train a lot of people, and they all are happy, I’m glad to say.

We set out to offer a gym with workouts based on the PACE System by Dr. Al Sears. Dr. Sears is the outlier, the person that discovered the “#1 Fitness Trend in America for 2014″ – about 5 or 6 years ago. Many have taken his knowledge and now call it H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training.

We took the PACE System and made Boxing and kickboxing classes with this amazing class format. It has and is proving to be hugely popular and successful for our members.

The sole purpose of our boxing and kickboxing gym is to provide these exciting, effective, short (30 min.) workouts to our community.

You will find yourself learning a new skill set or two also – that added bonus is realizing you have the confidence of being able to defend yourself.

A lot of people have really gotten attached to this place other than me!



Kickboxing and Strength Classes

Impact Kickboxing Classes in Austin TX

“Your Kickboxing and Strength classes have changed my body like nothing ever has before! I like that I can choose whichever class and time I want, and they’re just 30 minutes long. I’m in and out fast with a great workout!” – Janelle Peters

ImpactStrong offers you one of a kind 30 minute classes based on H.I.T., the #1 Fitness Trend of 2014  (American Academy of Sports Medicine).

Don’t take Janelle’s word for it, the A.C.S.M. also said: “This fitness approach produces what people care about most — fast results — so you can be sure this trend is here to stay.”

You get to choose which Kickboxing and Strength workout you want:

Impact Kickboxing Class – Interval boxing/kickboxing workouts are great, but ImpactStrong classes will get you “More fit in less time, make you smarter(!), supercharges your metabolism – and you’ll still be burning body fat 48 hours after your workout! You’ll also learn a new skill set – effective Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA Drills and Skills – great to know if you’re confronted in a dark alley!

MMA Strength Class – Combines the ImpactStrong class format with PRIMAL7, Body weight exercises, Kettle bells, Sandbags, and other specialized fitness equipment - This is Cross Training for the masses! You will get stronger, shred fat, see your body become more tone, and build Confidence in just 30 minutes.

We are not a drop in gym. ImpactStrong Group Workouts are only 30 minutes long, and members get to pick the class and time that meets their busy schedule that day.

And you are also not limited to one class – You can combine both for an hour long challenge that will test your limits!!