Kickboxing and Strength Classes

“Your Kickboxing and Strength classes have changed my body like nothing ever has before! I like that I can choose whichever class and time I want, and they’re just 30 minutes long. I’m in and out fast with a great workout!” – Janelle Peters

ImpactStrong offers you one of a kind 30 minute classes based on H.I.T., the #1 Fitness Trend of 2014  (American Academy of Sports Medicine).

Don’t take Janelle’s word for it, the A.C.S.M. also said: “This fitness approach produces what people care about most — fast results — so you can be sure this trend is here to stay.”

You get to choose which Kickboxing and Strength workout you want:

Impact Kickboxing Class – Interval boxing/kickboxing workouts are great, but ImpactStrong classes will get you “More fit in less time, make you smarter(!), supercharges your metabolism – and you’ll still be burning body fat 48 hours after your workout! You’ll also learn a new skill set – effective Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA Drills and Skills – great to know if you’re confronted in a dark alley!

MMA Strength Class – Combines the ImpactStrong class format with PRIMAL7, Body weight exercises, Kettle bells, Sandbags, and other specialized fitness equipment - This is Cross Training for the masses! You will get stronger, shred fat, see your body become more tone, and build Confidence in just 30 minutes.

We are not a drop in gym. ImpactStrong Group Workouts are only 30 minutes long, and members get to pick the class and time that meets their busy schedule that day.

And you are also not limited to one class – You can combine both for an hour long challenge that will test your limits!!

Get Fit Fast for Summer . . . Caveman Style

Get Fit for Summer - Caveman StyleAre you ready to get fit for bikini time? Did you know there’s a way you can get fit faster for summer?

We’re talking reducing your body fat, getting more lean and tone, and liking the way you look in your swimsuit – as fast as possible!.

Read further – this is a quick read – about a quick workout. It is not a long distance, marathon workout that takes too much time, isn’t as effective as you want, and that you lose interest and never stick with. It begins with:

Step 1.

Change your thinking. If you believe that more is better than you haven’t been reading about the latest scientific breakthrough research involving fitness. The American College of Sports medicine has recently confirmed what we have been saying for years, short high intensity interval workouts are the best way to get fit fast. Here are several reasons why.

  • After-Burn – While long drawn out cardio workouts may burn fat during the workout, this is a minimal amount of fat. High intensity interval training creates an after-burn where your body continues to burn fat up to 72 hours after the workout. In fact, as soon as you start to burn fat during your workout, your body is triggered to retain fat for future fuel, just the opposite of after-burn.
  • Less Time – You are much more likely to jump in and do a 30 minute workout than to commit to an hour or hour and a half to a full blown gym workout or long boring jog.
  • More Enjoyable – “I look forward to this workout all day”! We hear this all the time as people walk through the door, and as it turns out there is a scientific reason for this. According to one of the scientists who is credited with pioneering the HIIT research, high intensity interval training teaches your body to store energy in the muscles so you are always ready for action. This is how nature designed us. We didn’t evolve from marathon runners. Our ancestors used high intensity bursts of energy to hunt and to escape while being hunted. Long drawn out runs leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Short high intensity interval workouts leave you walking around bursting with energy, prepared for fight or flight, and craving your next workout.

Assassins the Full Body Killer – Originated by Ryan Mortensen January 2014



As far as I am concerned, all Burpees can have their asses kicked to the point of tears, just like they’ve done to people all over the world who’ve been forced to do them. I believe one of the worst sounds you can hear out of a trainer is, “Let’s do Burpees!”. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you obviously have never been to an outdoor boot camp, or to some CrossFit warehouse with no AC. If you come to my gym and workout with me, I can guarantee: NO Burpees ever! I believe in good leadership, and any leader who would tell me to do something that they won’t do themselves can go lead someone else, because I won’t follow. That’s why I don’t make the people in my gym do Burpees, because I would never do them. Practice what you preach, right?

So while I’ll never do another Burpee again; I do want to train myself, and others, in full body workouts that are able to be done anywhere and anytime. Which is why I invented the “Assassin”. This is a full body workout using only the body God gave you and the earth we walk on. As you continually sprinkle these in your workouts, or even use it as your only workout, you will not only see beautifully ripped muscles, but your body will be able to push farther, jump higher, roll faster, and move better than that other guy who does Burpees.

Nothing is better than combining two of my favorite things. Fitness and Martial Arts. This duo has never been more solidified than in my new creation the “Assassin”, because as you get fit, you also sharpen your skills. My challenge to you is to perform 1 minute of nonstop “Assassin”s with me, and my crew, at Impact MMA Fitness, and see how many you can do. Follow along with us as we workout together, see the video below. You can warm up with Assassins by doing them for 2 minutes and then go on to the rest of your exercise, add them throughout your workout, or at the end for that final burn. As long as you do them , you’ll reap the benefits. If you can do 14-16 Assassins in 2 minutes then you, my friend, are a badass. When you can “kill” 20 Assassins in 2 minutes, you upgrade to Ninja Status.

Assassins (body-weight exercise combo) – Available at the Best Gym in Austin*

Written By: Ryan Mortensen

Disclaimer… Doing these exercises will get you “Alarm Tripping Abs.”

Abs of steel

Abs of steel

This 2 minute ab routine will be setting off alarms when you walk through security, because you’ll now have Abs of Steel. :)  I love telling that joke in class when people are working out.  Laughing while crunching gives you a little bit more motivation in your workout.  The four exercises you’ll see in this video (see below) are called:

  1. Heel Jumps,
  2. Four Claps,
  3. V-ups
  4. Bone Crushers

These four exercises were developed by ImpactStrong Trainer Ryan Mortensen, and are performed by the ladies of ImpactStrong in this video.

Not only are these four ab exercises exactly what is required, the only thing you will need for this workout is two minutes!

That’s right, it only takes two minutes to complete.  Watch the video below and workout  alongside Ryan and the ladies of Impact, You will develop your own Abs of Steel!

This 30 second interval ab routine can be done anywhere.

Remember, If you can’t see your abs now, you need to diet.  If you want them to look amazing on their day of presntation i.e. pool season, then this is the exercise for you and you should start today.  If you can already see your abs now and want to take them to Super Steel Status, follow along with with the ladies of Impact and turn your core into a Hard Core!

Leave a comment after you’ve tried this routine out at home, and tell us what your experiences are.

Targets areas: Lower Abs, Obliques, Rectus (Six Pack) and your inner abdominal layer the transverse abdominals.

“The One” A secret technique, brought to you by Ryan Mortensen, head trainer at Impact MMA Fitness & Kickboxing

“The One”

I’m sure you are expecting a secret technique involving Martial Arts and Self Defense, but today I am bringing you a secret weapon to defend you in the most dreaded situation, public speaking. Did you know that public speaking is higher on the list of fears than even death itself? It’s true.

David Norton, TV producer and CEO of

David Norton, TV producer and CEO of

I recently had the pleasure and privilege to work with David Norton, TV and fitness industry hotshot. David is currently producing a series of home workout DVD’s which will compete against each other for the title of Americas Favorite Workout. And this is where I was lightened with the secret technique known simply as “The One”.

While preparing for my video shoot, David gave a piece of advice which sounds so simple but in fact has turned out to be extremely profound. He said, “Instead of talking to the camera, imagine the one person in the world who you are most comfortable talking to, and speak to this person as if it’s one-on-one”. For me, that is my big sis Michelle, she means the world to me and is always there for me, especially the day of the video shoot.

Michelle Mortensen Two  Time Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Michelle Mortensen 2x Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Well, there you have it, the big secret technique for the day. I would love to hear your feedback, on how I did? To see this video of me under the influence of David Norton, and talking directly to my sister Michelle, go to and check it out. If you think it’s worthy of Americas Favorite workout, register on the site and vote with a donation which will go toward the expenses of producing a series of these videos for you own home use. I appreciate your support.

Stay Fit,

Ryan Mortensen

Impact MMA Fitness/Head Trainer

(512) 444-8699

Impact Kickboxing Classes will Impact your life….

  • Burn Body-fat
  • Become Stronger
  • Get a Lean Physique

and did you know that the  Kickboxing Classes at ImpactStrong may even prolong your life. Sounds like a good thing to know!

1.) It’s proven that High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) increases your lung capacity and reduces the residual air in your lungs.
-Residual air is the air left in your lungs after exhaling. Coming to a fitness gym like ImpactStrong will train your lungs to increase the oxygen in your blood. This results in better output in your physical ability, and can even prolong your life expectancy!

According to the A.C.S.M. American College of Sports Medicine), H.I.I.T. is the hottest trend in the fitness industry for 2014, because it is proven to produce more results in less time. Impact MMA Fitness is ahead of the class, as we’ve been using the H.I.I.T. method with our Strength and Kickboxing classes for the past 3 years.

2.) Impact Kickboxing is a group class where you learn skills of Boxing, Muay Thai “elbows and knees,” and “ground and pound,” combined with other mixed martial arts skills. Learning Kickboxing also increases your confidence. If a street altercation should ever come your way, the knowledge you gain of Kickboxing may even save your life.

ImpactStrong uses martial arts skills to get you fit. However as you get fit, your skills of self defense also increase. As you work on the one, you get the other for free!

Here is a short video of one of our members, with no prior marital arts experience, who came to Impact to lose weight. However, one night out with friends – what Ed learned in classes may have saved his life:

I’m Ryan and am here to help you!