5 Quick Self-defense Tips

Woman Self-defense

5 Secrets that might save your A#@! If you’re a martial arts expert, you might disagree with some of these tips. You’ll probably think of better ways to handle these situations. That’s because these 5 quick self-defense tips are geared toward total beginners, and people with no experience in martial arts at all. If you’re a pro, […]

10 Fast Fitness & Self-Defense Tips

  fitness tip #1: If you don’t have time for exercise – make it part of your life. Here are examples of fast fitness exercises you can do throughout the day (some you can even do while sitting at a desk!) 1. Muscle flexing. Throughout your day, go through your body, from your legs on […]

Which of the Gyms in Austin Will Get You the Best Fitness Results in the Least Time?

gym in Austin

Say you want to lose some body fat, and at the same time, get your body stronger and more tone. And you want it to happen fast – as fast as possible because you are committed to making it happen. What gyms in Austin, Texas will get you there? Let me tell you about one […]

Kickboxing and Fitness w/the Clothes – Make the Girl

Kickboxing and Fitness and Clothes make the girl

train hard. eat clean. live loud. That’s the motto of a website I oversaw my friend reading. I decided to check it out myself, and………it’s really good! You train hard in your Kickboxing and Fitness classes. You’re serious about your body.  I think a lot Members at IMPACT will like this website also: Kickboxing and Fitness […]

Kickboxing Workouts – The Secret to Losing Your Body Fat

Kickboxing Workouts in Austin

Are Kickboxing Workouts really the secret to trimming your body fat? We have a few hundred testimonials that will conform that for you. Here’s how it works… It starts with friends who will help you…..our Dream Team. Their names are Joshua, Roberto, Brandi, Tyler, Rodney, and Greg – great people. They are a select group of […]