Best Kickboxing Fight Ever

Undefeated Kickboxing Champions Meet

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez vs. Billye "Billy Jack" Jackson

Who won the clear unanimous decision in this fight?


Two of the greatest kickboxers of all time, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and Billye “Billy Jack” Jackson, met in the ring August 9th, 1980 in Miami, Florida. Both of these fighters were undefeated at the time and this match up was highly anticipated by the martial arts world.

The fight card also featured a Double Main Event, featuring two more of the sport’s best, Demetrius “The Golden Greek” Havanas squaring off against Daryl Tyler. Tyler, one of Europe’s top kickboxers, was also regarded as perhaps the best kicker in the world of kickboxing.

Well, what happened?

With both fighters demonstrating beautiful skills in their fight, “The Greek” dominated Tyler throughout the bout. Not only did he get the win over Tyler, Havanas proved the superior kicker.

“The Greek” then worked the corner of his student Billye Jackson. In this battle of the undefeated, Billye Jackson won a decision over Benny Urquidez.

Numerous people who attended the event have all said the same, they were two of the best fights ever – from any combat sport. Each said that there was no doubt that Jackson won.

Unfortunately, Benny Urquidez refuses to count this loss on his record.

I attended a big party a couple weeks after these fights in a restaurant with Billye and The Greek, where we all watched a video of the fights. I remember that they were both awesome battles. I also remember who won each bout. I remember hearing the judges scorecards read aloud where Jackson was declared the clear majority winner.

Going through a box of old VHS tapes – I found it! I don’t remember how I got it, but it’s in great condition.  I must have gotten it through my friend, and great guy Steve Armstrong.

Now that I have watched it again,  Jackson wins the majority of the rounds, Jackson knocks Urquidez down, the referee gives Urquidez the 8 count, etc..

I’m geting it digitized this weekend and will be posting it here on this page of my website. Feel free to link to it, Bookmark it, and Share it with your friends.

Tell me what you think after seeing it….