The best exercise to lose weight and get in shape is…..

Kickboxing Class reviews Austin TXYou want to get in shape, or find the best exercise to lose weight. But the idea of going to the gym bores you. All you can think of is the reasons not to go.

It’s hot. It’s repetitive. It’s impersonal. And you feel like you never see any results.

We all know that exercise is the key to a healthy and longer life, but finding the right program is a challenge. You may be looking for the fastest way to exercise and lose weight.

  • Impact Kickboxing to get you lean
  • MMA Strength to get you confident and Strong – like our name

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My name is Steve Doss and I come from a martial arts and fighting background. About a decade and a few back, I was the founder of Kardio Kickboxing and taught it in seminars in almost every state in America.

Tae Bo Infomercials were showing everywhere then, and it exploded in popularity.

Flash forward to 2010 – I was getting a lot of phone calls from people looking for a Kickboxing/Fitness/MMA/Boxing style workouts, but they wanted something more than just punching and kicking in the air.

I had several unique ideas for a “Kickboxing Gym,” that were different from what others were offering. That’s when I decided to create and open a new gym. I invited a friend (who is no longer with the company) to join me, and this new gym ended up conveniently located next door to my Premier Martial Arts school.

My ambition was always more than having another gym though. My vision is to make this awesome Fitness Gym the forerunner to many great Gyms.

One of my Black Belt students Chase Young, came up with the name IMPACT – that was it! 

Combining Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with high intensity interval training (HIIT)*, IMPACT MMA Fitness gives you both cardio and strength training at the same time as you learn valuable fighting skills. Alternating 30 minute group classes evolved that are easy to fit around your schedule.

We are now Franchising this special gym, and they call it IMPACT STRONG.  We want to help others with their fitness goals – weight loss, muscle tone, boredom relief or fighting skills – IMPACT STRONG – MMA Fitness has a class for you.

With a friendly, genuinely welcoming atmosphere, it doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is what you will become.

Get really fit. Get Impact Fit. We’ll get you to the Goals you set for yourself. Our members say we have some of the very best fitness training in Austin, TX. That says a lot as Austin is one of the fittest cities in America with the most gyms per capita. We hope you’ll agree….

More results – Less time – Proven!

  Click here for Class Times, Training Tips, Prices and our Web Special!

Impact MMA Fitness
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