A Swimsuit Body by Summer

A Swimsuit Body by SummerA Swimsuit Body by Spring Break

Now is the time you should be here – getting ready for the Swimsuit!

Everyone knows crash diets and quick fixes don’t work. Results only come from:

  1. Adopting proven systems that get results
  2. Creating new good habits
  3. Setting measurable goals
  4. Lifestyle changes

IMPACT FITNESS is the perfect system to help you get more results in less time, and we have plenty of success stories to prove it.

We are committed to helping you get extraordinary results and all we ask in return are for some extraordinary testimonials. We will help chart your progress including weight measurements, body fat calculations, and even before and after photos.

In addition we will give you a free bio-photonic scan (as seen on the Dr. Oz show) which is a very important measurement of the strength of your immune system. Your immune system helps you fight off colds and allergies today and chronic diseases like cancer in the future. It also determines the rate at which you are aging and your ability to bounce back from a great workout.

In order to be physically fit it is important to be healthy. We will encourage you to eat healthy and point you in the right direction with nutrition options and supplements, but our main interest is in your commitment to stick to a 3 workout  minimum each week. Our workout was scientifically proven to build super human lung capacity, a strong heart, build muscle and burn fat, all in three 30 minute workouts