There’s a New Gym in Town…

Muay Thai at a new gym in Austin.

Impact is uniquely different than any of the other Austin gyms out there. Here’s why we may be right for you.

I created Impact MMA Fitness-Austin to be the perfect gym I want to go to. Friendly, great workouts, exciting, nice, clean, good energy, and a place you didn’t get tired of going to.

I also wanted it to be “The Perfect Austin Gym” for others, including my wife.

Working out isn’t central to her life. In fact, she’s very picky and hard to please (I might be getting in trouble here!). I do know that if she liked and wanted to attend this new South Austin gym, most any other woman would like it too.

We once had a Golds Gym Austin membership. We joined in January to have something to do together. She became one of the 80% of people that **quit going within six weeks of joining in January (**One of the Health Club Industry’s dirty little secrets). I didn’t last much longer.

I don’t know about you, but I can get bored. I don’t enjoy jogging on a treadmill and watching TV. I also don’t like waiting in line for a machine or snatching dumbbells. It isn’t really how I want to spend my time; I still want and need to workout though, and I know a way to do it that’s very effective.

Impact gym in Austin

Best results in the least amount of time

I learned years back that Muay Thai/Kickboxing was the best workout.

There are some people that say “Oh, I’ve done Kickboxing before.” No they haven’t, at least like this.

Muay Thai is a better way to workout. Really. Terms like “Functional” and “Core” are used as some type of deep and secret knowledge by personal trainers and in health clubs. In Muay Thai, virtually every muscle works out together at once – in every drill. Your entire body works together in a very efficient way.

Muay Thai is simple and easy to learn. It’s also a very good skill set to learn. You’ll build some very good confidence inside – another benefit. At Impact MMA Fitness, you will expand your lung capacity, feel stronger after every workout, and truly see results fast.

Call us at (512) 444-8699 for a free first class – make us back up all these claims.  You’ll understand and want to join our classes. Virtually everyone does.

Austin gym

Muay Thai is the best workout.

It has worked for me and everyone I’ve taught it to. There just wasn’t a  nice place designed for the public to workout and train in Muay Thai in Austin, and most places in the country. This includes the  martial arts school I own and work at, Premier Martial Arts.

So I designed the perfect gym for my friends, my wife, and those who want to work out and get the results they are after. Most of our new members have never heard of or tried Impact’s Muay Thai/MMA Fitness in Austin before.

In my past life(!), I dedicated 22 years to competitive fighting, from the date of my first match (I lost), to my last (I won-time to stop!). Not to sound like a tough guy, but in all that time, I researched and experimented using most every fitness training method known to man and numerous philosophies, looking for any edge or advantage for myself.

I sought out some of the very best boxing trainers and martial artists competitors in the world to train with. Mostly I got hit a lot. But I also learned a lot about what works and to what degree, and what doesn’t.

I was also constantly injured and tired. I got tired of being tired (Now there’s a marketing lingo with this term!). But I did get a real understanding of what comprises your level of fitness, and what you could best choose to do about it.

Muay Thai and all other combat sports require an “all-around” physical fitness:

  1. Cardio – both aerobic and anaerobic
  2. Muscular endurance
  3. Muscular strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. and achieving your ideal body to weight proportion

This is the fitness that will give the fastest results, with the most benefit, and in the least amount of time.

We offer a free first class so you can try it out. Call (512) 444-8699 to set a convenient class time.

Impact MMA Fitness is within a stone’s throw (that’s about 2-3 blocks) from Golds Gym Austin, TX (formerly World gym Austin), Lifetime Fitness South Austin, and 24 Hour Fitness Austin, Texas. We are at the intersection of all these big box gyms.

Why did I choose to open here with so much competition? Simple. I am confident we are giving you the best all around workout – Muay Thai and MMA Fitness! I also know that as our membership would grow from word of mouth. And it has rapidly, with very enthusiastic members who are spreading the word.

What do they tell others? Impact is a gym that’s friendly, has great workouts, is exciting, nice, clean, has good energy, and is a place you won’t get tired of going to.

And my wife even likes it!