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Kickboxing classes AustinKickboxing classes Austin, TX

Do you want to build your strength – get rid of body fat fast – and enjoy yourself while working out, here’s what we have for you:

Kickboxing Austin TX

Get Lean, Strong and Confident – IMPACT’s 30 minute classes get the results you’re after

We promise you the Best Fitness Results, in the least amount of time – Guaranteed!

Don’t take our word on it…Best Fitness Results

Check out what the American College of Sports Medicine says about our unique workout format: “Not only is this the #1 Fitness Trend of 2014, this fitness approach produces what people care about most — fast results — so you can be sure this trend is here to stay.” (!)

IMPACT’s H.I.I.T. Class Format: “has become so popular and the #1 Fitness Trend of 2014 because the workouts are incredibly effective at transforming the body, and take just 30 minutes.” -A.C.S.M.

 Three years before anyone ever heard of the H.I.I.T. workout format, (High Intensity Interval Training), we were onto it. 

We have it perfected.

Impact Kickboxing in Austin

“It feels great – I love Impact!”

Your workouts will include Kickboxing skills, the best fitness practices, Mixed Martial Arts moves (MMA), PRIMAL7, Boxing training and skills, and Impact Strikers, all with our unique class format. 

You will even learn valuable fighting skills!

We are also the only Austin fitness gym with 60+ Kickboxing and MMA Strength classes/week for you to choose from.

And our 30 minute group classes are easy to fit around your busy schedule -

Our skilled instructors keep things fun too, so it never feels like a chore.

Before you know it, you’ll be flexible, fit, strong and Confident.

Whatever your goals – weight loss, muscle tone, boredom relief or fighting skills – when you walk into the door of ImpactStrong, you enter a friendly, genuine, and welcoming atmosphere.

You will achieve the GOALS you set for yourself – that’s what our Trainers care about!

It doesn’t matter where you are now, all that matters is what you will become. Our Kickboxing Austin, TX Gym has a full schedule of Kickboxing classes, and are what many call the best fitness training in Austin

Find out for yourself – pick a time from our Class Schedule, then call 512-444-8699 and we’ll reserve a spot for your free first class.

“I joined Impact Fitness in mid-October and by New Years day, my abs are showing for the first time ever! I feel and look better – and am motivated more than I have ever been. Impact’s 30 minute workouts are a secret weapon!” – Lexi Bailey

We want you to get the results you are after, in the least amount of time, and enjoy the process.

Call us at 512-444-8699 and ask for our Web Special.

Pick your workout:

  • Impact Kickboxing Classes – 30 convenient class times to choose from every week
  • MAA Strength Classes will get your body Toned, Lean and Strong – 30 times/week 

Our Expert Trainers will give you the right challenge for YOU:

“Every workout is different, the atmosphere is great, and the trainers are awesome. Just after a few weeks I had a very noticeable increase in strength and endurance. Each class is fun, I don’t feel like the work out is a chore like in the past at the gym.” - Eric J. (on Yelp Austin Gym Reviews)

IMPACT’s Austin fitness gym has training that is self-paced and motivating, with a personal trainer always close by to help you. IMPACT is a unique and exclusive fitness gym that’s friendly, exciting, and totally unique. Impact MMA Fitness in Austin is located 3601 W. William Cannon #250, 2 blocks east of Mopac on William Cannon, by Bank of America. Wear what you like to work out in and be ready for the fitness center and workout Austin is raving about!

“I’ve never felt this great, or saw this much success working out! IMPACT is the gym in Austin that has gotten REAL results for my friends and I! -Lisa S. LMT

Try a free class – (512) 444-8699. You’ll want to be part of the top MMA training and kick boxing gym in Austin Texas. As a bonus, you’ll develop some Muay Thai skills (we’ll show you how), and our workouts take just 30 minutes!

“The training makes me totally sweat, breathe hard, work hard, feel great, and that’s just 10 minutes in!  This fitness business has awesome energy – and it’s fun and friendly.” -Richard C.

At Impact MMA Fitness-Austin you’ll get tone, strong and fit with:

  • MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) skills + Kickboxing and boxing gym training + and the right fitness exercise routines for you
  • Body weight suspension, Kettlebells, Medicine balls, and PRIMAL7 Strength Training – the progressive exercise program incorporating seven basic movements (no Austin fitness centers have these!)
  • Above and beyond any South Austin gyms and health club cardio kickboxing – this isn’t Tae Bo!

We are in the Southcross Plaza Shopping Center, conveniently located off Mopac (on William Cannon between Mopac and Brodie). Our members come from throughout the greater Austin, Texas area, Circle C, South Austin, Dripping Springs, Westlake Hills, Kyle, and Oak Hill. We are also expanding the Impact MMA Fitness franchise to other cities.

We all know that exercise is the key to a healthy and longer life, but finding the right program is a challenge.

You may be looking for the fastest way to exercise and lose weight. *Give us a call with any questions you may have: 512-444-8699.

Our South Austin gym address is:

Impact MMA Fitness
3601 W. William Cannon Ste 250
Austin, Texas 78749
(512) 444-8699